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Canada is perfect, yes! But how to arrange your accommodation in Canada if you are a foreigner?

If you are a native, you must be well aware of the scenic beauty and varied taste of modernization that bestows upon Canada. Lucky are those who reside and enjoy the simple yet colourful lifestyle of the Great White North! And what about the foreigners? Well, for people like us, who wish to live in this amazing country, knowing before going is a vital motto. 

For international students, some Canadian educational institutions provide housing and boarding facilities. It depends on the college whether it is on a temporary or permanent basis. Most colleges provide permanent lodging but they are limited and a bit more expensive which adds on to the growing pile of visa fees, tuition fees and medical charges. It doesn’t seem like a wise choice if you ask me! 

No worries! Canada is a bounteous land full of choices and resources. You can look up any local newspaper or search the internet for off-campus accommodations. Airbnb and Craigslist are some of the websites worth checking for renting arrangements. 

Accommodation Options in Canada for International Students

You can get many options to stay in Canada. Off-campus and on-campus accommodations can be facilitated by the college or you can manage on your own with some help. Some of them are semi or unfurnished which also affect their cost.

Go for semi-furnished accommodation if you are not planning to stay for long. You can also find many furnished housing options that offer shared accommodation. You can find a roommate and will make a new friend in the process!


On-campus accommodation

Off-campus accommodation

College dormitory


University Apartments


Private renting


College Dormitory

This is the primary option for every international student. After making sure the dorm or hostel rooms are available, students can check into those with preferable conditions.

The dorms usually come with a common area, shared kitchen and bathrooms. This allows maximum engagement of students in daily activities and promotes mutual interactions. An advantage hard to miss in a foreign country.

Dorm fees vary from college to college, although the average annual fee is usually between $2500 to $8000 CDN. 



Townhouses are residence houses with less capacity for students. They are equivalent to college dorms in amenities but are separate and smaller housing facilities.

They are usually suitable for 4 to 6 students sharing the house as a whole. Senior students in their final years often opt for townhouses.

The average estimated yearly cost of townhouses is between $3000 to $8000 CDN. 


Homestay Accommodations

There are homestay options in Canada that are located closer to campuses. The family homes are often in alliance with the nearby colleges and thus accommodation for international students are easily granted and afforded. Most of the Homestays are well equipped with basic amenities such as fully furnished room, meals.

House charges depend upon location or any prior arrangements with your college. Average monthly cost ranges between $450 to $850 CDN. 


Private Renting

Students also have the option of renting private accommodations in case they do not manage to get on with other options. Though some of the renting facilities can be quite expensive, if it suits your budget you can go for it. Or you can share it with your fellow students at half price.

Average monthly cost ranges from anywhere between $300 to $800 CDN.


We can suggest some of on and off-campus accommodation options for you in Canada location wise that might resolve your issue.


*Places to stay in Canada  

1. 80 Wellesley Street 

It is located within 10 minutes walking distance from the University of Toronto. One bedroom one bathroom set with all basic amenities.

Location: 80 Wellesley Street East, Toronto

Cost: $1750 to $1960 CDN per month. 


2. Orchard Common Student Residence 

Located near the University of British Columbia, the residence facility provides 1,078 beds in 2 houses; mixed-gender floors, fully furnished rooms.

Location: 6363 Agronomy Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Cost: $923—$1,042 CDN /month. 


3. Edison residence 

It is situated next to McGill University and at some distance from the University of Montreal. Fully furnished rooms inclusive of electricity, Wi-Fi available in lower to higher single occupancy.

Location: 3525 Rue University, Montréal, QC H3A 2A9, Canada

Cost: $900 to $1200 CDN per month.


4. University of Alberta Maple House 

It is located near the University of Alberta. The housing facility provides rooms with 1 to 4 bedrooms.

Location: 11035 88 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 0Z3, Canada

Cost: Monthly rent ranges from $756 to $1511 CDN per student.


5. 90 University RCR 

It is situated near the University of Ottawa. It provides basic utilities included with suite-style 1 and 2 bedroom sets.

Location: 90 University Private, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5, Canada

Cost: Per room cost ranges from $7000 to $ 19000 CDN as per housing type. 

*mentioned prices may vary as per university or owner’s terms. Please visit their official sites for complete information. 


Before finalizing your place to stay, it is advised to keep a few things in mind

1. If your college offers accommodation, make sure to go through the terms and conditions way before moving in. Also, check on your reservation status as most places get booked without any prior notice.

2. Contact your landlord and request for a tour. Examine the premises.

3. Amenities such as hot water, electricity, Wi-Fi service are vital necessities. Do check on them before committing to your accommodation.

4. Ask beforehand if lodging facilities include a If not, try to select those which include a meal plan.

5. Check on any mandatory deposits you need to pay before moving in. Do keep a copy of the receipt with you.

6. Before moving into private rentals, you will be required to sign a lease which contains a set of terms and rules. Thoroughly go through the agreement before signing. Make your decision before finalizing anything. Keep a copy of the lease.


Bottom line is to do your research well way before moving to Canada. Take help from natives or any of your peers who might have potential information.

If you are in a dilemma to choose between on-campus or off-campus accommodation, then you can decide based on available circumstances. If your college is providing you with on-campus accommodation and it is perfect for your budget then go for it without any delay. Otherwise, you can go for off-campus housing after spending the first few months at the former arrangement. Either way, select the option that suits you best.


All the very best and Happy hunting!

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