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Why Apply for Australian Permanent Residency?

To put it in simple words- attaining a permanent residency in Australia avails you with multitude of benefits which solemnly approves your decision to settle there. Australia has been ranked as second in the world by UN for possessing great quality of life. Which is why it has become a popular choice for skilled professionals and ambitious students to pursue their respective dreams. Not only the plausible career opportunities, but Australia also offer numerous perks for its residents. Which brings us to the importance of achieving a PR or Permanent Residency of Australia.

For Australian PR, you need to fulfill certain eligibility criteria. To gain knowledge regarding that, refer to Planning to Move to Australia?  

Australian permanent residents are entitled to many privileges. Some of them are listed below :

1.Quality Living Conditions:

Arguably, health and income source are one of the crucial markers of a prosperous life. Being a permanent resident in Australia presents you with ton of living benefits that comes with rich Eco- environment, housing facilities, quality health care, free medical services, high earning job options and a safe communal haven.


2.Permanent Visa:

PR grants you permanent visa which makes you qualified to live for indefinite time anywhere in Australia. You can also travel anywhere in Australia. The PR visa also allows your uninterrupted travel outside the country. It is to be noted that the PR remains effective until you stay in the country for a period of 5 years. You should not leave the country before that or else you could lose your residency status. The Department of Immigration will allow you to apply for a bridging Visa (BVB) to temporarily go outside the country only under urgent circumstances. You must return within the specified time period and your PR will be still in effect 

3.Full Work Permit With Essential Rights:

Australian PR allows you to work without any restrictions and enjoy all the set of employee benefits that comes along. Regardless your citizenship, you will be eligible for all the working rights same as your co workers. There will be no separate clause or bonds that you would have to go through. Equality truly applies in Australian working grounds.

4.Freedom of Work:

The permanent resident is free to work under any employer and choose any occupation of choice. You can even start your own business. The chosen occupation should be listed in the nominated occupation list. For detailed info, please visit: https://www.visabureau.com/australia/visas-and-immigration/skilled-migration/skilled-occupation-listYou can become eligible for many government positions after gaining the status of citizen, which is when you complete a mandatory duration of at least 1 year as a permanent resident.

5.‘HELP’ for Students:

Students achieve right to opt for any educational course. They can apply for student loan under Higher Education Loans Program (HELP). For detailed info, visit: https://www.education.gov.au/higher-education-loan-program-help

6.Eligible for Health Benefits:

Australian health care department provides insured treatment to permanent residents under Medicare program. The program covers all medical expenses and provide free of charge medical care with full term rebate system. This places the medical system in Australia on the topmost medical services across the globe

7.Permanent Residency for your Children:

There are numerous perks for your off-springs after you successfully qualify for PR. The children born of a permanent resident are deemed as permanent residents right upon their birth. This grants them all the rights equivalent to an Australian citizen. They even can become eligible to subsidized education in public schools.

8.Ease of Travelling to New Zealand:

The government of New Zealand offers visa to Australian citizens. This means that you can easily travel there without any trouble.

9.Become Owner of your Residential Property:

The permanent residents have been given the right to be able to buy any existing or second hand residential property which is a laborious task for foreign individuals. You can apply for First Home Owner Grant, which is a scheme under which you need not take home loan or any sort of debt to buy your first house in Australia.

10.Social Security Leveling:

After attaining PR for 2 years, you can raise your social security privileges effective under Australia’s Social Security Department Program- Centralink. This will cover issues regarding retirement, pension schemes, physical disabilities, unemployment, etc for you and your family. For exact details, refer to the official page https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink

11.Australian Citizenship:

After living and working in Australia for 4 years with PR, you can successfully apply for Australian Citizenship which is a huge accomplishment in itself. You can also become sponsors for your relatives aspirant for PR.As the aforementioned points signify, there is no doubt that achieving the status of Australian PR is a fruitful and wise life decision. Every year thousands of applications are filed for permanent residency in Australia. They all have one thing in common- awareness and sense of responsibility for family and oneself.

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