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If you have heard about IELTS test then you already know what it is and what is it for. You should also know how much time you need to prepare for it.

Generally the recommended preparation time period is 2 to 3 months with last 1 or 2 weeks for revision and essay writing practice. But it totally depends on your current English proficiency and your target score in the exam. If you have no literal idea about your level of knowledge then to be on the safer side, let’s just assume that you need near about 2 months to prepare regardless of your capability.

But what to do when you don’t have much time left in your hands before the exam and you know that with your level of knowledge getting desirable scores would be quite difficult?

Let’s say, you start with your preparations 1 month prior your exam date. In that case:

Steps You Could Take

1. Find your weak and strong areas: 

With the limited amount of time you have you can start by doing a quick analysis of your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. When you know you are good at reading, spend less time on it and move on to speaking. If your listening is strong then spend more time on writing and so on. It is advised to sign up yourself for a crash course for more specific and accurate preparation. 


Gratis School of Learning provides result driven 1 month IELTS coaching with guaranteed 7+ band score. You can take our demo classes and decide by yourself.


2. Brush up your English writing skills: 

Writing is a vital part in the IELTS test as it is used in almost all modules. It is also one of the difficult parts of IELTS and require decent practice.  What you can do for a short but correct preparation is that you can practice through sample test papers available online. Make sure to put yourself under strict time constraint for better progress.

3. Grammar and vocabulary: 

You can’t deny the importance of correct grammar usage and minimal spelling mistakes in the test. To avoid any penalty, upgrade your vocabulary and grammar skills by learning 10 words a day and practice writing everyday for 2-3 hours.

4. Speak in English on a regular basis: 

Starting and ending your day in English will be a great speaking practice which will be beneficial for you during speaking test. You can prepare a set of lines and practice them beforehand for having fluent conversation with the examiner during the exam.

Steps You Should Take

1. 100% dedication: 

You already don’t have much time to waste on random daily tasks. Read, write, speak in English as much as you can everyday. Only by being consistent and regular you would be able to perfect yourself. Try to cut out any sort of distraction while practising reading and writing. 

2. Take professional coaching:

Coaching centres are well equipped with strategic planning for IELTS exam which are perfect for smart preparation at shortage of time. G-Sol carries out one month IELTS training course in short batches specially designed for giving complete training. 

3. Join group discussions: 

Become a member of an English speaking group and attend daily group discussions and actively take part in them. There is no better mean to build up confidence and fluency in English speaking than sharing knowledge within active participants. It further increases your vocabulary skills as you get to know new words consistently. 

4. Build expertise in your test pattern: 

Solve as many as mock tests and sample papers you can get your hands on from either websites or a coaching centre. Doing this on a regular basis will form your understanding of the test system stronger and clearer. Remember time is the essence of success. Always practice under timed conditions.


We recommend our IELTS practice test series for you to better understand the pattern of test and to know your current level of English Knowledge so that you will be able to work on your weak areas for better chances of getting good IELTS scores.

Better late than never they say! All the best!

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