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Amongst all the places to live in numerous studies, Canada stands out as the world’s best class and top rated country. According to US News and World Report, Canada was ranked third best country in the world in both 2018 & 2019. The reason defines access to its education, high life expectancy, low crime and violence rates. Well with this, the Gorgeous Country proudly states a universal health care system. There’s no doubt in knowing that more and more international students are choosing to study in Canada.

Canadian Values

If we talk about people, landscape and climate, Canada is an immensely large country extremely diversified. From one person to next, Canadian way of life differ from each other due to this. The particular country practice several different religions and 20% of the population claim no religious affiliation. The Canadian people share important values and take a pride in themselves. They believe in equality, diversity and respect for all individuals. However, these values make Canada friendly, peace-loving and secure place to live.

Throughout the country, there are various cities rich in Canadian culture and values. Kingston, Ontario is one of the particulars. One of the top five university towns in the world and the third place to live in Canada, Kingston has collectively been named the happiest city in Canada. So, if you’re dreaming off to study or work in Canada, boost your English skills and explore the Canada b eauty once you step in.


The beautiful country is located in the northern half of the North American continent and comes under second-largest country in the world. Regardless of impressive size, the majority of the population resides within a few hundred kilometers of the southern border. Including Torngats, Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains, Canada is covered with two million lakes and vast mountain ranges.


Just like people, Canada’s climate is diversified. Most of the northern part of the country complies harsh arctic climate, well, that area is mostly uninhabited. Along with the US border, the most famous regions of Canada lies in the southern parts showcasing four distinct seasons of the year. The summers are bit hot although winter lasts longer than summers in most of the countries. In some areas, heavy snowfall occurs and rainfall varies from light to moderate.

Due to moderating influence of the Great Lakes, winters are less severe in the south. Hence, temperatures in spring and fall tend to be more moderate.  

Social Life 

With lots of different people, Canada is a massive country, so having a social life and things to do is always in your favor. You could be merely a short drive or a short plane ride from once in a lifetime activities depending on which part of the country. The activities are as follows:

  • Visiting Niagara Falls
  • Exploring Banff National Park
  • Skiing in Whistler
  • Sight-seeing on Prince Edward Island

 Well, Canada has much more to offer, plenty of places to see but you’ll never run out of places to occupy your time.

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