Everyday thousands of both domestic and foreign airline passengers come and go through the Airport services. Airport staff’s work starts the moment their flights are landed. From taking care of their baggage from the cargo hold to the respective owners and finally to attending them all is done under Airport ground crew supervision. It is solely the responsibility of the ground staff to attend to the passengers and cater to their needs as long as they are on the ground.

The Ground staff is also responsible for wellness and safety of their passengers. They play a vital role in Airport management.

For working in a ground staff, you should meet certain standards of professionalism:

  • Effective communication skills:you should be able to speak, listen and write well which should be easy to understand and thus helpful to your customers
  • Great inter-personal skills:your job majorly includes dealing with people so it is a quite important skill to possess
  • Diplomatic attitude
  • Responsible and sincere
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to handle problematic situations
  • Maintaining decorum during unfavourable events

With our Diploma course in ground staff training, you will be completely work-ready and more confident to take the next step towards your goals.

We help to hone your skills to understand and qualify for posts with job duties as:

  • Customer care services
  • In-flight management
  • Safety management
  • Cargo services
  • Airport maintenance
  • Passengers queries
  • Airport security
  • Airport management



12th passed, Any graduate

Job opportunities:

  • Front desk operator
  • Flight attendant
  • Ground staff manager
  • Cabin crew staff
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