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The International English Language Testing System is the test which assesses the general as well as academic English skills of non-native English speakers. It is a mandatory test requirement in most of the countries as English is their main language of communication and instruction. So, if you want to study in the U.S. or want to pursue career opportunities there, you need to take IELTS if as such is the regulation.

There are many lucrative career opportunities in Foreign countries which is one of the reasons why we want to go there. But there is a catch!

As English is not our first language, we have to learn it. And learning is a time consuming process. Learning is achieved throughout years of schooling. Most of Indian schools are English medium and thus over the time their students master the language. For the rest of us who didn’t have such benefit English has become yet another obstacle in our daily lives. Today wherever you be, communication in English is always served as a plus point.

Now for having a residence abroad or a foreign degree you need to be able to understand their primary language. Which is where IELTS plays a crucial role.

IELTS tests the basic skills you need for your intended purpose. It is a test which is made to be cracked. Like any other tests in your life, with proper preparation and guidance you can clear IELTS even if you are not so good at English.

How to Start?


The first question that bothers you is how and where to begin? I say start wherever and whenever you can! 

Look around

You are surrounded by a huge diversity of people. People who interact with each other in English. It’s not a biggie to find such group where you all can be mutually interactive. Meet them, talk to them and gradually learn basic English conversation.

Conversing on a daily basis will turn it into a habit. Which will definitely be fruitful for you during IELTS listening and speaking test. 

Watch and learn

Pick an English movie or any English video available online with subtitles and note down the words new to you. Use them in everyday sentences which will help you to increase your vocabulary for IELTS speaking and writing as well as listening tests. Remember practice is the key.

  • The old fashioned learning method- READ!

Get your hands on as many as possible reading materials. They can be of any genre. Read and learn new words, their meaning and their usage. For IELTS writing test you should have a decent vocabulary and no spelling errors. To get better idea of IELTS you can easily get access to learning and preparatory books for IELTS at book stores or at online sites.

Make sure that the source materials are genuine and qualify for IELTS level.

  • Get professional help:

If you are a busy person or do-not find your self-study methods sufficient enough then don’t worry! There are several Institutions for IELTS coaching which provide professional training in shaping yourself into a fluent English speaker. They have certain training systems which makes learning easy and comfortable. G-Sol in Zirakpur is one such Institution which put serious emphasis on student’s overall development. We have a very friendly and encouraging environment which makes IELTS preparation easy especially for beginner English speakers. Our program is helpful for IELTS aspirant office goers as well. Here you will get a quick paced learning experience which is beneficial for busy individuals who have their own tight schedule.

  • Look up for online mock tests:

Regardless how much is your knowledge, if you don’t know the exam pattern and how the scoring system works all your hard work counts as nothing when you finally appear for the test. Look out for sample mock tests available at some websites and practice as much as you can under a time constraint. Self analysis is an important step in clearing as well as scoring higher in final IELTS test. You can also take weekly mock tests at G-Sol Institute which takes place under a simulated timed setting giving you the exact picture of the IELTS test.

See, English is just a language! You grew up around your own language. Hearing it everyday, speaking it everyday made it your native language. If you give enough time and effort to learn another language you would certainly ace it. For IELTS you need to have basic English skills which is not impossible to acquire, given that you invest your good time and prepare well either by yourself or under genuine guidance.

Consistency and strong determination is all you need!

Hold your head high and PRACTICE!



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