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There is no need to emphasize on the importance of English in every aspect of our daily lives. Rather than being a simple language of communication, it has somehow earned the reputation of symbol of class and dominance. Those fluent in it always seem to have an upper hand in their social as well as career niche. 

So, yes! English is important! To state more accurately, English speaking is important more than other forms of English communication.Don’t be disheartened if your English speaking skills are not up to the mark. No, seriously! Don’t! because to be honest, it’s merely a language of communication. And you can too attain your own upper hand over it! 

Be Self-Aware of your Level of Proficiency

Find out if you are a beginner or advanced learner.By now, you must have a clear idea of your language proficiency. If not, take a quick test by making conversation with a stranger in English. If you find you’re struggling more than once, rate yourself accordingly. Being self-aware is an important step in self-improvement. This way you can take steps to upgrade yourself.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes while speaking. The embarrassment you feel is temporary and holds no significance. Be confident and keep on practicing.

Listen then Speak!

It’s a very known fact that we’ve learnt our native language by living through an environment of that particular language. You learn to speak as a toddler through your parents by listening. You acquired that language simply by listening. Hence, for speaking a new language too, your listening skills should be put to use as well.

There are aplenty of sources around you that can help.Listen to your favourite radio show, carefully listen to the dialogues in a movie, learn how words are pronounced. You can also learn new words and ways of expressions this way. The more you’ll listen, the more you’ll learn! Try mimicking what you hear to practise your pronunciation and intonation.You learn better when you listen, that’s pretty much about it.

Learn Grammar But Do-Not Over Think

Some say learning grammar is not that useful for speaking, which is only half-true. Grammar is the backbone of English language and you must pay attention to it for speaking as much as for writing. The key is not to go overboard though! If you pay a lot of heed to your grammar while speaking, you will never attain that fluency that you want. Grammar is important, but do-not become a grammar Nazi in the process. Instead learn to use correct phrases so that your grammar senses wouldn’t be perturbed.

Everybody is Different!

This tip is here to remind you that everyone has different pattern of thinking. So do you. Embrace your natural tendency and style and learn to speak comfortably with clarity. Follow your natural pace of learning without pushing yourself. Your speaking will improve if your ways are comfortable to yourself. Do-not fall for others progress stories. They got good at their own time, now it’s your turn.

Speak as Much as You Can!

This doesn’t mean you should talk incessantly, but to talk with regularity and accuracy. Be confident and speak as much as possible to people around you. Doesn’t matter if they are known to you or not. The more you practice the more confident you will become in your pronunciation and speech. And don’t be shy to make mistakes. Trust me you will learn even more from your mistakes.

Learn via Multiple Means

There are multiple ways to improve your language training. If you like to read, take up newspaper articles, magazines, blogs, story books of your interest and try to soak up new words.

Make use of phone applications, which includes hundreds of learning Apps. Biggest advantage that mobile Apps have, is that they are portable and available 24/7. You can download dictionary with audio tools to learn words with their pronunciation and usage. Remember to always learn the words with context and use them regularly.You can record yourself while speaking for finding out areas of improvement.

Speak out Loud

The point of speaking is to be heard! No matter how well of an articulate person you are, if your voice is at an inaudible pitch, it all becomes pointless. Make sure to use a proper tone while speaking. Shouting is definitely not recommended here!Read out articles from a newspaper or any reading material to your peers and take their reviews about your pronunciation. Or you can follow the aforementioned tip and record yourself. That way your observation will be stronger on the basis of self-analysis.


Make Friends with Native English Speakers

Social media is the perfect mode for distance interaction. Look up for native English speakers online and have conversation with them. They will be kind enough to oblige and enlighten you with effective language usage. You can join up some online sites meant to serve the exact same purpose. Talk about a common topic and exchange ideas. This is the most effective tip for improving your English speaking skills as it provides real-time learning experience. It gives you much exposure to actual English speaking environment.

Join Spoken English Classes

Taking professional guidance is advantageous if you seek to employ full-fledged learning. Let me put it this way, a genuine coaching class constitutes of all the aforementioned tips with expert guidance and much more speaking exercise.

Gratis School of Learning offers professional coaching for Spoken English, intended to hone your English language skills with overall personality development. We have extensive training program suitable for both beginners and advanced learners, aimed at building foundation and skills improvement respectively.

Sign up for our free trial classes and find out on your own.

English speaking is an acquired skill that requires long term commitment and practice. By following the above mentioned tips, you can definitely attain an impressive command of English.Remember, the Vital key for success is to always believe in yourself and keep practicing!

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