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IF YES then How To Choose A Coaching Centre?

We are often influenced by people’s IELTS success stories seen or heard in news or other media. A recent survey has shown that almost 83% of them claim to have taken coaching classes and with persistent preparation they succeeded. This have triggered such a massive interest in importance of coaching classes and their role in IELTS results that many end up joining without giving enough thought about it.

We are a diverse species!

See, taking coaching in English language is and should be a personal preference. We all are different in terms of study background, qualities and resources. It is quite obvious that a person with Convent schooling has much different level of English knowledge than well, everybody else. So everybody else will have a greater need of training than the convent educated ones.

BUT this does not signify that they have IELTS worthy better English skills.

Most common IELTS misconception-

Only Speaking is sufficient!

IELTS assesses English proficiency skills not how much English knowledge an individual has. The basic purpose of IELTS is to make sure if a candidate will be able to communicate, earn and live comfortably in an English speaking country.

I’ve come across many people who do not do well in IELTS besides being well versed with the language. Reason being they either underestimate the test or overestimate their English language skills.

Only speaking in English is not the sole criteria for clearing IELTS. As IELTS comprises of reading, writing and listening tests as well, working in those areas will fulfill your preparation and increase your success probability.

So, in order to overcome your shortfalls you should work hard on your English skills no matter what your medium of education was.

Now this brings us to asking yourself, if you know your level of proficiency:

Is coaching necessary for you?

Let me ask you first how do you analyse yourself for a task?

Through a test right? (Well, the very definition of test gives it away!)

In order to test whether your English skills does/does not require coaching, you need to make yourself familiar with the IELTS test pattern first:

In simple terms, IELTS is a time restricted exam with allotted time of 2 hours and 45 minutes which comprises of four test modules- reading, writing, listening and speaking.

For assessing yourself, do this little exercise:

  • Take on each module one by one.
  • Get mock test papers available online or at bookstores and sit through each sample module test pattern. Make sure to time yourself according to the exam standards.

For instance, for reading module you are given 60 minutes each for Academic reading and General reading test with 3 sections of 40 questions each. Take your practice test paper and go through it and try to finish it under 60 minutes.

So, did you succeed?

If yes then you deserve applause and are almost ready for IELTS main exam.

But wait! Check your test paper.

Are you satisfied with your performance?

I’ll let you be judge of that.

Now, were you not able to complete the test under given time? Or didn’t answer correctly or found that you’ve answered poorly?

If your answer is yes here then it’s a clear indication for you to take your test preparations more seriously.

If you want to rely on self-study and think it might be sufficient then go for it. As I said before you are the judge of your own capability.

But honestly speaking, I believe self-study lacks the potential to bring forth your desired results. As I said before, IELTS is not all about how much knowledge you have it is majorly testing your skills needed to survive in an English speaking environment. Skills that you can adopt overtime with a constant exposure of engaging activities in English.

For that you need to have an interactive environment specially supplemented with IELTS worthy skills which you will find difficult to create through self-study.

Hence, anyways coaching is indeed necessary for overall development and better performance in the final IELTS test.

Now that we are clear on that, let’s move on to the next important question:

How to choose a coaching center ?

So finally you have made up your mind to take coaching. But how to pick the one suitable for you out of hundreds there.

Go through the following factors and make your choice based on them: 

Faculty credentials:

The quality of learning depends majorly on the trainers too. You don’t need to be reminded of the importance of a good teacher for success. Ask about their experience stats and credentials pre-registration. An ideal teacher has good experience of training and scored high IELTS bands themselves. 


Many best Institutes are generally located at major cities where a student from a rural place might find access quite challenging. Though for the sake of quality education factors like far location of your preferred center should not bother you. 

Demo classes:

Look out for centers arranging free demo classes and checkout their teaching curriculum. If you feel the teaching style and study materials are up to your standard then go for it. 

Batch size, class timings, fee structure:

These three are the basic information that you should ask for in the first place. Ask for any fee concession if possible if you find the class timings suitable. Go for short batch size as you will be given proper attention and hence more effective learning. 

Practice materials:

Go for classes with ample amount of quality study material and mock tests. Pay attention to special classes meant for doubt clearance and practice as many as mock tests provided.


IELTS tests an individual’s English proficiency skills rather than knowledge as contrary to popular belief.

Skills takes time to develop but with proper strategy and guidance it could be learnt in no time.

Taking coaching is entirely a personal preference but it has some major undeniable advantages over self-preparation. Undergoing coaching with utmost dedication from a carefully chosen training center will indeed guarantee you success.

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