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IELTS, The International English Language Testing System is a globally accepted and recognised English proficiency test for foreign education and immigration. It basically makes sure that you are eligible to apply to go overseas to study and live in an English speaking environment.

Taking IELTS ensures a welcome ticket to most of the industries overseas. They require people with decent English skills so they would be able to work with them.

Every year more than a thousand of applicants appear for the exam but not all of them qualify for the test by their desired standards. There is no criteria of passing or flunking the test but getting appropriate score is the main goal.

Practice makes perfect. It truly applies to IELTS preparation process. Some people find IELTS tough but it simply requires proper planning and preparation.


IELTS test is an English language proficiency test. To be proficient in English you need to lay some groundwork first that can be learnt in no time. Building the foundation leads to further facile understanding of the test parts. 


Building Basic Foundation

Your approach to the test determines halfway success. You need to understand the test. What is it about? How is it structured?

Basically it comprises of four modules- Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking. You need to go through each. Primary step is to start your IELTS preparations as early as possible. 


Start with picking up good books of diverse genres, newspaper articles, magazine pieces, news abstracts, short stories, etc. Mark out new words for vocabulary build-up. Go for heavy subjects and pay attention to grammar. Look up pronunciation guides and learn their correct usage. 


Letter and essay writing are generally given in IELTS. Take up topics from daily life and learn basic rules. Write daily and time yourself. Work on your handwriting as it should be readable by the examiner. 


Ask a friend to narrate you something and then ask you questions. Or watch a video and listen to the dialogues. Try to interpret what has been said. Here your writing speed is also important. 


Become a part of a English speakers club or try having your whole conversation with your friends in English. During IELTS you are required to give your self introduction, prepare it ahead and practice everyday for appearing natural during final test.


All these are your preliminary preparations. These will form your basic grasp on the language and the test itself. But for the full pursuit of success in IELTS you need a professional aid as well


Final Step Towards your Goal

For making sure that you will clear IELTS with desired scores you need to make a full proof study plan which you can get from professional guidance. You can ask for a favour from your teachers and for more specific direction join a coaching class for IELTS. Make sure the course you will be taking in a coaching centre is up to your expectations.

You can take demo classes available at Gratis School of Learning in Zirakpur which gives you a clearer layout of the course structure. Classes takes place under the supervision of well experienced trainers with a refined study plan which is exactly what fulfills the final criteria for excelling in IELTS.


Don’t get me wrong, you can clear IELTS on your own but taking professional coaching ensures a better ranking.

There is no secret for cracking IELTS with grace! Thorough, consistent and accurate study planning is all it takes.

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