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Canada has always been a great place to live for the students who come to study here and people who come with a motive to get employed.

For getting a Canadian work permit and making an easy way to find a job, Canada’s designated employer immigration streams get it right away in the best possible manner. The particular streams consist of the Global Skills Strategy and certain streams of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

There’s no doubt in accepting that thousands of international students come to Canada every year to study. From coast to coast, one city to another, Canada along with world-class education opportunities has much more to offer. Although, there few steps and methods that must be applied by foreign national before a student comes to Canada to study. To legally study in Canada, A Canadian study permit is a necessitate formality for all foreign nationals to legally study in this country with very few exceptions.

Know About Canadian Study Permit!

It refers to the document permitting a foreign national to study at a school in Canada. Instead of a study visa, the particular document allows international students to study in Canada. A permit allows you to participate in certain activities such as working or studying, whereas the term visa refers to a document that allows you to enter Canada. Only foreign nationals will be issued Canadian permit who can prove they will be studying at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)


How to Apply for a Study Permit? 

He or she must first secure an acceptance letter from a Canadian DLI before a foreign national can apply for a Canadian study permit. For the study permit application, the acceptance letter will require particular data that will be important to the preparation and submission. It is crucial to keep in consideration that not all programs of study are eligible for post-graduate work permits (PGWP) when applying for different programs. They need to ensure that their program is eligible for a PGWP before applying if a foreign national intends to work in Canada once their studies have been completed.

The intended student can prepare their study permit application once an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institute has been secured. With the evidence of student’s intentions in Canada and his or her ability to support themselves, this application demands extensive documentation. From country to country, the required accurate documentation might vary.



The foreign national will have to provide the following documentation when submitting a study permit application in general:

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Proof of Financial Support
  • Identity documents


Work & Study in Canada

While studying full time, International students are allowed to work on a part-time basis. Although, during breaks and holidays, they might work full-time. Once the students give a stop to the full-time course of study or the study permit expires, they are no more allowed to work further and are supposed to stop working immediately. The crucial part lies in always showing respect to the terms and conditions of the study permit accordingly.

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