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Know about Mandatory Eligibility Criteria Including IELTS

Australia is considered as the land of opportunities, especially for immigrants skilled in Education, IT, Finance, Medical, Law sectors. It is a country which does not indulge in any sort of discrimination based on race, nationality or religion while processing an applicant’s visa. It honors the set of skills that you have to offer for the economic development of the country and if you are one of the aspirants, then you should definitely choose Australia as the stepping stone of your career.

Now if you have made up your mind about moving to Australia, what next? Do you know the basic requirements that you need to fulfill before applying for permanent residency? Or what is PR for that matter?

We will cover all of that concisely in this section.

Australia’s immigration policy:

Australian permanent residency or PR is the immigration status of an immigrant that allows them to live and work in Australia on permanent basis.For acquiring permanent residency of Australia, you need to apply for visa under general migration scheme. It offers a range of visa options that you can opt for based on your purpose of immigration.


 Role of Australian PR visa:

 In order to attain permanent residency you need to apply for PR visa first. Australian PR visa comes with a validity of 5 years. The residency status of an applicant who has completed a period of 3 years of formal work in Australia, can be officially changed to that of a Citizen.

 Australian PR visa allows you to attain permanent residency on the basis of your English proficiency. English is the official language of Australia and to be able to live there you need to prove that you are capable of communicating in English. Hence, PR visa is an essential criteria for an PR applicant for acquiring Australian residency and to become able to work and study there on a permanent basis.

There are many benefits of having a PR in Australia:

  • You can get settled in any part of the country.
  • You can travel across the country without any restrictions.
  • You can work in any company of your choice.
  • You become eligible for work rights and benefits.
  • Your family members can accompany you.
  • Free education for your children (below 18 years of age).
  • You can sponsor your relatives for permanent residential status.
  • Numerous health benefits for you and your family members.
  • You can become an Australian citizen after a working experience of 3 years.

 Fees of Australian PR: You can apply for Australian PR under three basic classes:

Primary applicant= Has to pay 1,95,000 INR

Minors below 18 years= 48,000 INR

Spouse= 95,180 INR

Australian PR Visa categories:

 For temporary and permanent residency, there are various forms of visa categories available. Here we are talking about PR, for that there are basically four visa categories based on occupation class- skilled and consolidated:

Skilled occupation List:

Australia Skilled Independent visa (sub class 189) = Allows residency for a period of 5 years.

Australia Graduate Temporary (subclass 485) = This is applicable for international students who have completed 2 years of study in Australia and seeking work based Visa.

 Consolidated occupations list:

Australia Skilled Nominated Visa (sub class 190 )= Applicants must meet the point requirements set by the Territorial or state government to avail this Visa.

Australia Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Provisional (sub class 489) = Applicants need a relative for sponsoring their Visa after obtaining required points. In the absence of a relative, the applicant can be nominated by the state or Territorial government for this Visa.

Eligibility criteria for Australian PR

From age criteria to Australian skilled immigration points requirements, you need to fulfill certain conditions in order to become eligible for applying for PR in Australia.

Age: You should be below 45 years to apply.

Language proficiency: You should have a valid proof of your proficiency in English language. To acquire Australian PR visa, you need to have the suitable English proficiency level acceptable by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Achieving over 6 band scores in IELTS serves that purpose. We will go for that in detail laterwards.

Skills assessment: The Australian authorities assess your skills earned over education and working period.

Job experience: You should also have experience in one of occupations listed under Australia’s skilled occupation list.

 Health and Character Certificate: As per the Australian government rules, PR applicants need to submit a certified proof of their medical fitness and need to have a clean criminal record.

Australian skilled immigration point system:

This is an imperative requirement that you must fulfill in order to increase your chances of having Australian PR.PR applicants are evaluated on the basis of eligibility criteria listed above, for which they are allotted points. The criteria for the immigration point system ranges from age to work experience. A minimum of 65 points are needed to be earned by the applicant to gain Australian visa.

For understanding the role of these immigration points, let’s briefly go through the Australian skilled immigration point requirements:

Following list depicts the criteria and given points:

Visa sub classes as per nominated occupation for PR:For permanent residency there are 4 visa sub classes for the criteria of nominated occupation listed in the skilled occupation list and consolidated sponsored occupations lists.

Skilled occupation List:

Skilled Independent visa (sub class 189),Graduate Temporary (subclass 485)

Consolidated occupations list:Skilled Nominated (sub class 190),Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Provisional (sub class 489)

* sub class 190 and sub class 489 visa applicants can be awarded 5 and 10 points respectively if they are sponsored by an Australian state or a Territory government.

English language proficiency:

Under skill migration Visa program, English language proficiency is the vital factor for Australian PR.English language proficiency is assessed by your IELTS scores. Almost every PR applicant is required to take this test except for those coming from native English speaking countries.

IELTS is International English Language Testing System which assesses the English language proficiency of a candidate who’ve applied for foreign residency or higher education. It basically comprises of two modules- General and Academic which are designed to test listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in English. Scores are allotted on the basis of an IELTS band scale ranging from 0 to 9.

IELTS is a widely accepted English proficiency test and IELTS scores are valid in almost every English speaking country.

IELTS score validity in Australia:

If you talk about Australia in particular, then there is nothing more relevant than the IELTS test to get accepted to the land of the marsupials!

Both general and academic IELTS scores are acceptable for Australian PR.

IELTS scores are applicable for 2 years from the date of exam. You need to retake the test if the validity period has been passed.

IELTS band requirement: A minimum score of 6 bands is required in all modules of IELTS. But it depends on different job categories as some require 7 or higher IELTS bands. You need to check the band requirement as per the state or region you want to reside in before applying for PR.Based on a skill point system, your IELTS scores are analysed as:

Proficiency level

IELTS band scores


Australian Immigration Points

(for Australia PR)

Competent 6 0
Proficient 7 10
Superior 8 and above 20

IELTS is the fundamental requirement for fulfilling language assessment in Australia along with other tests such as PTE, TOEFL. As the potential eligibility criteria you can-not deny the importance of your IELTS scores.

*Just a tip: You can prepare for IELTS on your own or get professional coaching from a training centre. It is up to you how you want to prepare. You can refine your preparations by joining an IELTS coaching institute which also provide help for your visa applications.

  • Age:Immigration scoring is also given as per the age group. Scoring ranges from 15 to 30 points. Applicants under age 32 avails maximum score benefits while those aged 33 and over receive lesser points.
  • Skilled employment:those with some work experience in the occupation fields mentioned in the skilled occupation list are given points as per the years of their service. 5 points are subsequently added into previous years experience and a maximum of 20 points are awarded till 8 years of service.
  • Educational qualifications: Allotted points range from 10 to 20. Points are given for the highest educational qualification and not as cumulative or sum total of total number of earned degrees. That is, if an applicant has a graduate degree and a doctorate degree as well, points will be allotted only for the doctorate degree as it is the highest level of earned degree. Also, the qualifications have to be in sync with the applicant’s mentioned nominated occupation and Australian qualification (which is included in the next criteria).
  • Australian qualification:This is beneficial for those applicants who have studied in Australia for a minimum of 2 years. As they get 5 points for getting education in an Australian institution. It is essential to complete more than said years and below the said scale, the point system doesn’t apply.
  • Regional study:There is a minimum 2 years study requirement which needs to be fulfilled for gaining points under ‘Regional study’. Eligible applicants are awarded additional 5 points.
  • Community language skills:

5 points are allotted to an applicant who has Interpreter/translator level language skills in Australia’s community language list.

  • Partner/Spouse skills and qualifications: Additional 5 points are given to an applicant whose non-Australian partner/spouse fulfills all the essential criteria mentioned above. Hence, a sum total of 10 points can be earned if both partners qualifies.
  • Professional year:Applicants who have successfully completed an approved formal training in the professional year in Australia with on the job experience are awarded 5 points.

Under the General Skilled Migration Program, these were the basic criteria for gaining points for Australian permanent residency. You need to achieve a minimum of 65 points to qualify for Australian visa.

Having the above mentioned requirements fulfilled is the first and most essential step for obtaining Australian PR. It is followed by the basic necessities and formal obligations that I have covered in the other blog.

Post by:- IELTS Institute In Panchkula


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