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If you want to have foreign residency or want to go overseas for higher studies then you must be well aware of IELTS and its significance. By this time you might’ve already made future plans which also includes qualifying IELTS with merits. Let me ask first have you decided how are you going to prepare for it? Make no mistakes by undermining IELTS exam as simply a test that you can go for without proper preparations. For better career opportunities your IELTS band scores should be more than okay score.

Students have two basic choices to prepare- self study or coaching!

I personally believe that self study is an incomplete strategy to achieve your target scores. And let’s be honest, nobody has time to sit patiently all by themselves arranging and studying self gathered notes, especially if you are a working person and busy as a bee.

Ultimate solution- go for coaching!

Nowadays with increase in recognition of IELTS significance for visa application, you won’t find it difficult to search for potential coaching centres providing IELTS coaching classes. You may find it difficult to choose the right one though, which makes me come straight to the point…

How to choose a coaching centre?

Long story short, you should look for nearest coaching centres with good credibility and attend their demo classes for a quick view of their teaching curriculum.
Gratis School of Learning is the best option nearer to you for proficient IELTS training having branches in Chandigarh, Zirakpur and Panchkula. We offer free demo classes Monday to Saturday for you to see for yourself how we deliver our claims.

Now, the real dilemma… should you take coaching for IELTS?

Although I’ve already mentioned the importance of taking IELTS coaching you can get a clearer picture by weighing its advantages and disadvantages.

            Pros: yes! Go for it!


1. Guidance from experts:

Coaching centres have experienced faculty who have a proper understanding of the test system. They usually are those individuals who have taken the exam themselves and excelled. They understand the structure of the test and thus are easily capable of educating students with complete efficiency. They provide a sense of direction, focus and clarity to the students.

2. Greater chances of improvement: 

Your performance is routinely evaluated and feedbacks from your trainers helps a lot in improving your English skills. You get aware of your mistakes and corrected which is a useful learning tip. When you are getting taught by someone you become their responsibility to be taught well which also includes understanding your potential and correcting your mistakes.

3. Less distraction: 

With generally 2-3 hours long classes with tight schedule it is almost impossible to think about anything other than study.They subject you to a strict study environment with no distractions which looks promising for a fast progress.

4. Personal attention: 

This is one of the biggest reasons why choosing the suitable coaching centre for you is important. Many Institutes have huge batch sizes which is not ideal for individual learning and progress. But Institutes like G-sol in Zirakpur puts emphasis on having short batches for personal attention.

5. Simulated test practice: 

To keep your progress in check what better way is there other than well invigilated test practice. Coaching centres gives you access to loads and loads of mock tests according to the latest set rules/trends. They are conducted in a replicated environment of the actual test and follows similar time limitations.

They provide you with tried and tested tips and tricks that help you increase your learning skills faster.

6. Time management skills: 

Time is the essence of IELTS exam. One fact that why coaching classes are for sure an ideal preparation strategy is that they train you to perform your test under time constraints. Eventually you become perfect in managing the whole sets of IELTS module under given time.

7. To the point curriculum:

Coaching classes has their own study materials which are formed through thorough research and close observations of IELTS test pattern. Only relevant topics are touched which are IELTS worthy. Each section is properly taught with accordance to latest pattern. They provide students with an organised study pattern and regular revision of the curriculum.

8. Beginner friendly:

If you have not done your schooling from an English medium school and have little to no knowledge of English then coaching is the perfect option for you. Coaching centres have teaching techniques which helps make you build your English knowledge from scratch in no time. They give better understanding of the test pattern and teach basic rules of English which is quite helpful for the beginner English learner.

I have witnessed many such students who couldn’t speak a simple sentence in English but after getting classes from G-Sol Institute they succeeded in clearing IELTS in first attempt.

9. Natural adaptation: 

They channelize your preparation in the most possible natural way helping you to realize your strength and weaknesses. Learning a language skill takes time but with proper coaching techniques you become efficient and develop fluency.


Now lets checkout the disadvantages of taking coaching.

CONS: I’m Not So Sure!

1. More is not better:

As IELTS is a highly popular exam in India there has been a huge rise in number of coaching institutes in order to make up for the increase of competitive IELTS aspirants. Availability of more centres makes it confusing for students to pick the right one for themselves.

Students then end up either following the centres of their peer’s choice or choose the one which claims of providing best education in lowest price. Don’t fall for either! You should invest a big deal of a time in picking the centre which suits you. After all it is your career we are speaking about.

2. Accessibility: 

Many IELTS coaching centres are located in major cities or could be at remote places where students find it difficult to reach. Even if a student from North-India is adamant on joining a coaching centre in Chennai, choosing the best one based upon their reputation often comes with expenses out of your budget. So it’s a dual strike on you.

3. High results demands high price: 

Some Institutes follow this agenda and cause heavy blow to student’s pocket. Such coaching centres might not be financially viable for many students. As a result students with high skills but not enough budget cannot take the benefit from such Institutes.


What can be done to overcome this dilemma? 

Nothing is perfect in this world! Taking coaching has its benefits as well as drawbacks. In this case it seems number of pros outweighs cons. For the sake of quality education you should ignore the disadvantages of coaching.

As for the right centre for you- don’t blindly trust claims made by Institutes and attend trial classes to see for yourself.

Invest wisely for the sake of your future!

Even though the fee structure is higher than your budget you should join only when quality of education is reassured. 

Choose well! All the very best!

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