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How to decide which one is the best option for you?

IELTS has gained quite a popularity in India in the past few decades in terms of its acceptance as a prerequisite for immigration by more foreign countries as well as growing number of applicants.

IELTS is conducted many times in a year and thousands of applicants appear for it. Their preparation process is either self-improvised or taught through training centres. Most of them get above average IELTS scores through self-study alone.

But the number of trained 7+band scorers is also quite impressive. This has lead to an abundant rise in number of coaching centres providing training in IELTS course. Many of such Institutes holds genuinity in their success claims. 

G-Sol in Zirakpur is India’s premier coaching Institute in IELTS training with unique IELTS program methods and track record of guaranteed 7+ band score. We recommend attending our demo classes first and then decide for yourself.

Now let me ask you whether you prefer self study or taking coaching?

If you feel that you are still not ready to decide then let’s go through the merits and demerits of both methods.

First up- self study:


  • It doesn’t require you to spend much:

Self study is way more pocket friendly than coaching fees which may be higher than your available budget.Though you will need online access charges or purchases from local book stores, comparatively it is more student friendly.


  • You don’t have to compromise your comfort zone:

You may generally pick your home or a library closer to your home for self study. Having your own space allows to create your own comfort zone where you are free to do preparations on your own terms.


  • If you don’t find classroom study suitable:

Some students cannot function well in others company. It might be due to their reserved nature or preference to study alone. Either ways self study by yourself in this case might cost you during speaking test.


  • Less mental load:

There is no time restriction for you to complete your course. You get to follow your own time table and abide by it with absolutely no stress involved.



That are not found in preparation through


  • You won’t get correct guidance

You can watch as many as instructive videos online or get advice from your teacher for an hour or two, but without specific directive you might lag behind. Coaching instructors are well versed with the test patterns and latest test modules which you cannot learn from a vague source. Yes, some teachers does have their you tube channels where they post about IELTS self-preparation techniques, but let’s be honest NOT ALL OF THEM ARE PROFESSIONALS! You should double check their credibility if you opt to follow through.

  • It’s not mistake proof:

Preparing on your own deprives you from proper correction. You are your own evaluator and you are not 100% mistake proof.

  • Time flies doesn’t it?

Self study is done at your own accord and without any deadline period. This makes you totally vulnerable to highly timed IELTS exam. You don’t learn to manage your time as per the test and hence might have a huge fallback.

  • All those online tutors, are not actually there you know:

You need real people to practice your conversation skills. An online guide with zero interaction cannot fulfill this purpose. Sitting in a closed room you cannot work on your communication or public speaking skills. Yes, you can interact with your friends in English for speaking practice but that is not a precise and calculated method too. You might make ton load of Grammatical errors while talking casually and you will not even notice. Speaking of which, what’s your plan for formal conversation skills?


I’m not saying that self preparation is not the right method for IELTS. I personally know people around me who prepared for IELTS on their own and are now working abroad after clearing IELTS. I’m implying that self-study is AN INCOMPLETE STRATEGY for scoring grace bands in IELTS.


Coming back to my point about coaching that I earlier mentioned, coaching is indeed a prerequisite for clearing the test WITH DISTINCTION!

The reason why even native English speakers go for taking coaching in IELTS is that your probability to achieve your target score becomes very high with it.

Even if you’re a beginner or your schooling was not from an English medium school or your English knowledge is not up to the mark, taking coaching nullifies any disadvantage that you had so far.

If you scroll up again and re read cons of self study, you will find all of those points are taken care of through coaching! It’s might not needed to say anything more because whatever you lack from self-study, you pick-up through coaching.


So, what should you choose then? 

Self-study needs a lot of discipline and proper planning. It is also very time consuming with little consideration of time management. Where coaching classes gives you easy access to in-depth study material and professional training, self-study gives you headaches for researching and collecting relevant materials on your own and a vague study plan.

See, everybody knows their own potential. You do too. By now you might still be thinking of YOLO and to prepare by yourself. You will succeed with no doubt BUT what if you find out later that your American College or Company needs higher scores and you didn’t qualify? Tough luck you see.

To avoid any future what ifs or buts, i advice you to search for a coaching centre near you, take their demo class and if you like it then get yourself enrolled.

If you live in Chandigarh then you should check out G-Sol in Zirakpur. We arrange demo classes all month long. You can pay a visit any time and see for yourself.

All the best for your exam! Prepare well!

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