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For IELTS Speaking and Writing modules, vocabulary is a crucial English skill. For Listening and Reading modules, vocabulary holds equivalent importance. With sufficient vocabulary you won’t find any trouble understanding difficult words in the Reading and Listening sections of IELTS.

In order to do that, you need to first evaluate your vocabulary skills.

You can download vocabulary building Apps, take online practice tests or join IELTS coaching centres such as Gratis Academy for ideal IELTS exam preparation and accurate vocabulary assessment.

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Self analysis is an important step in building your vocabulary. After you figure out how much area is needed for improvement, you can take topics suitable for IELTS vocabulary.

Here are five main topics with related words which will help you to learn words and phrases that may appear in speaking test, reading test, essays in IELTS exam.

Practice these words with their usage and after you gain enough practice, make your own sentences. Move on to the next word category and repeat the same. This way you will be able to form new sentences for every topic

Top 5 Essential Vocabulary Topics for IELTS

 a) Education vocabulary

b) Health vocabulary

c) Work vocabulary

d) Technology vocabulary

e) Environment vocabulary

These are the most relevant topics for IELTS. You might find other topics on the internet. Practice them as well, as soon as you entrench these words of related topics.

Let’s venture into each, one by one:

Education Vocabulary

Words Definition Example Sentence
Co-educational The education of both male and female students together in the same school or college. Co-educational schools are necessary for young students’ overall development and open mindedness.
Concentrate To focus your attention towards a particular activity with no distractions. It is extremely difficult for me to concentrate on my work in such noisy environment.
Coursework Written work done by students as part of a course for extra credits. I learned a lot through the coursework being allotted to me.
Curriculum The collective subjects of a course of study in a school or college. My college has an excellent curriculum structure.
Graduate To complete an academic degree of university level. She is a proud graduate of Delhi University.
Illiterate A person who is unable to read and write. Having no knowledge of a particular subject. He is an illiterate but hard-working man. I had to discard your poorly written, illiterate thesis.
Literacy The ability to read and write. Primary education is a must for raising literacy rate in our country.
Qualification An official proof of your successful completion of a course for required skills. Your level of qualification is a perfect match for this job.

Health Vocabulary

Words Definition Example Sentence
Allergy A serious immune response by the body when in contact with a food or substance to which it has developed hypersensitivity. I can’t stop sneezing, looks like my pollen allergies are acting up again.
Appetite A natural desire to eat when you feel hungry or feel like eating. He can really eat! he has a good appetite.
Diet The type of food a person usually eats. For a healthy body, it is important to have a healthy diet.
Fibre A dietary type of carbohydrate which is the indigestible part of plants food and helps keep our digestive system healthy. Eat high-fibre food for a healthy digestive system.
Nutrients Any substance that provides nourishment for life maintenance. Green leafy vegetables contain many essential nutrients such as iron, vitamins and minerals.

Work Vocabulary

Words Definition Example Sentence
Commute To travel the same distance regularly between work and home. She commutes to work everyday by bus, which is quiet tiring.
Employee A person who gets paid for working for their employer. Our company has over three hundred employees.
Employment The state of working with pay. The government should provide employment for the youth.
Employer A person or organization that hire people for work. His employer is a very understanding and responsible person.
Profession A work type which needs a particular set of skills and good level of education. You should choose your profession carefully, for it defines your future.
Retirement The action of officially leaving job due to age or health issues. The universal retirement age is 60 to 65. He had to take an early retirement due to the economic crisis.
Vacancy A job position that is unoccupied and currently available. There is a vacancy for high school teacher in down town. You should apply for it.

Technology Vocabulary



Example Sentence


The means to approach or enter a particular place.

They have complete access to the internet.


Ahead or progressed in development.

Japan dominates digital world because of their advanced technology.  


To make use of automatic equipments in factories or facilities to reduce manpower and save time. 

The spread of automation has led to increased unemployment.



The act of exchanging information with people through speaking, writing or other means.

Social media is an effective mean of communication.


The action of joining one thing with another.

Thanks to my high speed Wi-Fi connection, I have no trouble communicating with my online friends.


An equipment or part of machine which fulfills a particular purpose.

It is necessary to have a communication device such as a mobile telephone or the internet to stay connected to your peers.


A unique idea or method.

Smart phones are the grand innovation in the computer technology.


Something which has never been made before.

The action of creating something which has never been made before.

The invention of telephone was a significant technological achievement.

Environment Vocabulary



Example Sentence


The variety of plant and animal life existing in a particular habitat.

We must protect the rich and diverse biodiversity of our planet.


The weather conditions present in an area usually or over a long period of time.

I had grown up in a cold climate, therefore the harsh winter doesn’t bother me.


The action of making something unsuitable by exposing it to unclean or polluting substances.

There has been a leakage of toxic chemicals near the water supplies, thus the water sample is being tested for contamination.


The action of cutting down and clearing wide areas of forest.

Deforestation is the primary cause of floods and droughts. 


A biological community in which all the living organisms interact with their physical environment.

Pollution is potentially damaging all our major ecosystems. The marine ecosystem is severely affected by industrial waste and chemical toxicity.


The production and discharge of something.

Emissions from car exhausts cause pollution around cities.

Carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced.


The process of gradual destruction or reduction in bulk by water, wind or other natural causes.

Deforestation and over-farming causes soil erosion.


A prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, which leads to dangerous shortage of water.

Many rural areas are affected by drought. Government has been implementing emergency assistance to the distressed areas.


The natural home or environment of a living organism.

With recent uncontrollable wild fire, a lot of wildlife has lost their natural habitat.


Ability to exist for a long time by causing little or no damage to the environment.

Government should promote sustainable development in order to protect the environment from further damage.

This is solely an example to show you how to learn new words with their context.

With consistent practice and diligence you can easily remember thousands of new words which will serve you well in your final IELTS exam.

Remember regular practice is the key. Don’t stray away from your strategy and maintain focus. 

Gratis Academy has unique learning tips that are easy to remember and beneficial to implement in the IELTS exam. Hone your vocabulary skills under the expert guidance of our highly experienced trainers.

Join our IELTS coaching classes and reap practical benefits from the program.

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