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Imagine yourself sitting in a soothing, pleasant weather in Canada, enjoying the view and relaxing to the fullest. And suddenly you feel hungry and then what you will look for? Ah, a comfort food at its finest including sweet flavoured berries and crispy chips with a mild BBQ taste. No?And, if you’re staying in your cozy bedroom, all that you need is split pea soup to replace your winter ordeal.

With lots and lots of dishes and varieties of Canadian food, we’ve put together few checklists of the best traditional Canadian Food below.

Food Cravings?

Do you often crave for food? Are you foodie? If yes, then this guide will let you know the traditional Canadian Food, that you must try at once.

Overcome Hunger Pangs with Canadian Food!


The mouth-watering crispy fries, squeaky cheese curds and rich gravy is the perfect combination to create anyone’s meal of dreams. So, why not give a try to Canadian Poutine? The classy version and the refreshing snack can really make your day tastier. In addition to this, pulled pork, bacon and smoked meat will not let you stop from grabbing it in one go. However, not heavy enough on your pocket though. It is reasonable and the best means to to remove your hunger pang knocking your door.


The super delicious and a versatile baked bread has been winning everyone’s heart in Canada. The simple bread that was once a key staple in the diets of Canada’s people has taken a new level of modern cravings including baked versions and fried versions. The baked variety is quite heavy or densed whereas, fried ones are crispy and fluffy on the inside.  Along with the trendy twits and variations popping up in bakeries and cafes across the globe, Bannock has observed a gush in popularity. So, don’t forget to give a try!


I bet nobody would stop himself/herself from eating these cute bowls. Butter tarts are simple and visual appealing yet they are made by taking flaky pastry shells. The eye-catchy and yumm tarts are filled with butter, sugar and egg filling. Cravings for Butter Tarts is a never ending feeling. Even if you leave the country, you will still look for them. The Traditional Canadian food is the best means to remove your hunger in no time.


Are you an ice-cream lover? Yes, then Saskatoon Berry is a good option for you. This wow dish is often described as having a sweet and flavour of almonds that makes a perfect pie for an ideal candidate. Undoubtedly, one slice of this will surely change your boring mood to exciting one. Saskatoon was named after this mouth-watering berry pie instead of the other way around.


So, what’s your favorite food?


Before you step-in to the most renowned country, Canada, don’t forget to pen down your list of foods you want to give a try. Canada is afterall a place that reminds us of home around the kitchen table with varities of food

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