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Canada is a land of opportunities. The Canadian Government treasures talented working professionals who are dedicated and passionate about their work. In every sector, individuals with a lot of potential and sufficient expertise are always high in demand. The country offers a fair share of salary, career probabilities and better quality of life. Every year thousands of international applicants immigrate to Canada with hopes and dreams for a great future. If you are one of those, read on. This blog will shed light on working opportunities, eligibility criteria and essential information for students and others who are keen on working in Canada.

What are the eligibility criteria for working in Canada?

  • Required documents are to be submitted in English with valid proof of identity: valid passport, medical certificate, academic certificates, professional qualification certificates.
  • You should provide proof to an officer that you will return to your country after your work permit expires.
  • Required application fee and two recent passports sized photographs.
  • Character certificate with no criminal background.
  • Proof of your financial resource that should be sufficient to support you and your family during your stay in Canada.
  • If required you should be willing to take a medical examination.You must abide by the work permit terms.
  • Your employer under whom you will be working should not be listed as ineligible by the Canadian government.

Do you need a work permit to work in Canada 


A work permit is required for temporary workers, students, job applicants, businessmen and so on.

Temporary workers can extend their work permit after working for a certain period and by having some changes done in their work permits.

Types of work permits for temporary workers in Canada:

As per the nature of the applicant’s work, a work permit is of two types:

1.  Open work permits:

It allows the worker to work freely under any employer in Canada, given that the employer has listed himself as an eligible employer in Canada.

You can apply for open work permit if you come under the following list:

  • An individual with valid work permit specific to the employer.
  • A foreigner student graduated from a designated college or institution in Canada.
  • An international graduate who is eligible for further study programs, post-graduation with suitable work permits
  • An individual who can no longer support himself for further studies.
  • An eligible candidate for permanent residency in Canada.
  • A person sponsored by his relative who is a permanent resident of Canada.
  • Spouse or partner by the law of a worker with notified skill in Canada. This is also applicable to a student’s spouse in Canada.
  • A refugee claimant or family member of a protected individual living in Canada.
  • A temporary resident permit holder.

2. Employer Specific Work Permits

Unlike an Open Work Permit, an Employer Specific Work Permit requires you to meet specific conditions to be able to work under it. Conditions that need to be met are:

  • You should provide thename of your employer.
  • The duration of your employment and how long you will be working under your employer.
  • The location from where you will be working (if it applies to the employer-specific work permit).Those students who are interested in working while studying can go for various on-campus and off-campus jobs. Make sure that your study permit allows this.

The criteria that such students need to fulfil is to have a valid study permit and a Social Insurance Number (SIN). Terms may vary as per the job requirements.

  • Students can work under professors as assistants, interns.
  • They can work in the library, cafeteria.
  • Off-campus, they can find work under a private employer.
  • You can also run your own business only if it complies with your study permit.

Students after completion of their graduation can apply for Permanent Residency. This is one of the major benefits of studying in Canada.


Job Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

There is a vast field of opportunities opened up for immigrants who wish to work in Canada. The probability rate goes even higher when you meet the set job standards.

As an avid job seeker, you can apply for various sectors in Canada as per your interest and qualification:


Health care industry 

Retail sales and management

University professions, lecturers, professors, administrators Business executives
 Food industry  Graphic designing and development
Software engineering, Electronic engineering Video game industry
IT sector Construction
Finance and accountancy Computer programming
Media development Service industry



Canada welcomes those candidates who are full of ambitions with open arms. The pragmatic working system of the country has learnt to evoke the true potential of an individual. Canada has a lot in stock to help you thrive and evolve into a better you.

So go on and fill out the application today!


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