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IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking module consists of 3 parts that consists of a face-to-face oral interview with a trained examiner. The examiner records the entire test session and evaluate your English speaking ability.
Total time duration 11 to 14 minutes
Total no. of Tasks Part 1- Introduction,
Part 2-Cue Card
Part 3- General Discussion
Nature of the Tasks

It comprises of a 3 part one-on-one conversation test.

  • In Part 1, questions are asked about oneself and a range of familiar topics, such as home, family, work, studies and interests.It is 4-5 minutes long.
  • In Part 2, a card is given askingthe applicant to talk about a particular topic. 1 minute is given before speaking to prepare.
  • In Part 3, questions are asked related to part 3.
Speaking skills

These include questions which test your ability.

  • to express your viewson daily general topics
  • to speak at stretch on a given topic with clarity and conviction
  • to evaluatethe given topic, express and justify your opinion about the topic

Detailed information about the question type and their purpose of assessment.

Tasks Sorts Task format  Time duration Purpose of Assessment
Introduction and Interview

 The Examiner gives self introduction and asks for yours.

The examiner then asks you questions on general topics such as individual interest, work, studies and family, etc.


4 to 5 minutes Analyses your ability to express your ideas and views  on general topics based on asked questions.

Individual long turn

You are given a written task card by the examiner.

You are then required to speak for 1-2 minutes on the given topic. You are given 1 minute for taking notes and preparing for the topic.

At the end of your speech, the Examiner asks few questions.


3 to 4 minutes

1 minute for preparation

Your ability to speak at length on a given topic is assessed.


Two Way Discussion

The examiner asks questions based on task 2 and you are required to discuss and express your opinion with the examiner. 4 to 5 minutes It tests your ability to be able to study the topic, express views and justify your thoughts.

Key points to remember

  • Keep on speaking until your time runs out or asked by the examiner to stop. You should absolutely never become silent even when you’ve given your answer.
  • Speak clearly and use appropriate language. Don’t use slangs. They are not going to award you any points.
  • Practiceyour speaking skills through newspaper articles, essays and online prep materials. Make sure to time yourself. Ask a friend to interview you and record your given answers. Monitor your performance and keep on practicing.
  • Make yourself familiarwith the test by attempting IELTS Speaking practice tests available online.
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